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Greek hierarchs’ protest grows against anti-Christian intercourse training

Protest and unrest keeps growing in Greece against new directives decreasing through the Ministry of Education to “eradicate intimate prejudice” and “homophobia and transphobia” through a fresh education program that is leftist. As formerly reported, Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus has delivered a protest epistle to Minister of Education Konstantinos Gavroglou.

As reports, a wide range of other Greek hierarchs are speaking away also up against the corruption of Greek youth.

Metropolitan Ephraim of Hydra emphasized that the Orthodox Church will not and cannot buy into the ministry’s directive, and called on moms and dads to protest and will not enable kids to attend such “lessons.”

Metropolitan Paul of Glyfada argued why these “lessons in sodomy” are certainly perhaps not random or accidental, recalling the Greek Deputy Minister of Education’s statements at a Thessaloniki parade that is gay “students should be aware that diversity in intimate orientation is just a treasure never to be ashamed of.”

Vladyka has additionally advised parents and teachers to protest this program including presenting workshops and “experiential workouts” on biological and social sex, deconstructing gendered stereotypes, and homophobia and transphobia in society and schools to 12-15 12 months olds, Romfea reports.

IEC Canada – Spouse or Common-Law Partner Open Work license 101

We obtain a complete lot of questions regarding International Enjoy Canada (IEC) work allows, specially from individuals likely to Canada with a functional getaway or Young Professionals license.

“i recently got my performing getaway license, can my partner started to Canada too?” “I’m maneuvering to Canada for a professionals that are young permit—what about my partner?”

There’s no solitary solution but there’s a handy exemption and many choices. Continue reading!

Could it be latin women for marriage easier for the partner or common-law partner of an IEC license owner to get to Canada?

The guideline when it comes to three IEC work license groups (performing getaway, Young Professionals and International Co-op—Internship) is simple—each applicant must submit a profile within an IEC pool and applications are examined individually. There is absolutely no guarantee you will both be invited to make an application for work license. When you do obtain an invite to utilize, your spouse or partner that is common-law NOT immediately get yourself a work permit under IEC in the future to you.

That said, your spouse or common-law partner could be entitled to a pupil visa or a open work license. They might additionally arrive at Canada as a visitor. As well as in a few instances, their status as partner or common-law partner of an IEC license owner will help… read on!

What’s a common-law partnership?

When you look at the context of immigration, a common-law partnership means a few has resided together for a minumum of one 12 months in a conjugal relationship. Proof to guide their cohabitation in a conjugal relationship may be required, e.g. both names on bills, joint rent, banking account, etc. The onus is regarding the applicant to show they've been residing as common-law partners for one or more year.

A few whom lives along with other roommates or at their parent’s destination may never be thought to be a common-law partnership.


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