A Pay Day Loan

About Bing Rethinking Pay Day Loans & Doorway Pages?

Bing loan payday loan Ventures Partner Blake Byers joined up with LendUp’s board of directors together with firm’s investment. The investor stated he expects LendUp in order to make short-term lending fair and favorable for the “80 million people banks won’t give charge cards to,” and help reshape just just what have been “a pretty terrible industry.”

What type of strategy is assisting to drive that industry change?

What about doorway pages.

That regardless of last Google going out of their way to say they were going to kill those sorts of strategies year.

Bing will not wish to rank doorway pages inside their search engine results. The reason behind a number of these doorway pages is optimize their search impact by creating pages both externally on the internet or internally on the current site, with all the aim of ranking multiple pages into the search engine results, all resulting in the exact same location.

These kinds of doorway pages are nevertheless real time even today.


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