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‘Sister Wives’: exactly How Polygamist Kody Brown along with his Four spouses help Their group of 23

Ask any average American who’s been held up at night: It’s downright expensive to help keep a roof throughout the family members’s heads and purchase food, clothing, and lots of other costs. Now imagine doing that for four families simultaneously. That’s exactly what Sister spouses polygamist Kody Brown does.

Here we’ll list means he along with his four spouses help their brood of 18 children. We’ll also share some hardships that are financial TLC truth movie movie stars have actually faced as you go along. Observe how they make a majority of their money ( web page 6) plus the horrific accident that led to an important medical bill ( web web page 8).

1. Kody’s advertising sales job

Kody Brown apparently no further has a advertising product sales business. | TLC

Once the show began this year, Kody, now 49, mentioned doing work in online advertisement product product sales.

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