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"Predatory Lending" into the "Refi" Era: A Primer

The most continuously newsworthy topic regarding personal finance has surprisingly not been taxes, but rather mortgage rates or more specifically, refinancing for the past five years. Now so it seems we're nearing the conclusion of the Real Estate Bubble, creditors are now being scrutinized with regards to their financing strategies beneath the misnomer "Predatory Lending".

Top indications of a "predatory" loan are:

  • Exorbitant charges: Totaling significantly more than 5% of this loan quantity;
  • Resource Based Lending: Basing the mortgage quantity regarding the debtor's assets, perhaps not earnings (capacity to repay);
  • Flipping: Refinancing the home owner repeatedly without cognizable advantage, hence stripping the debtor of personal equity while billing unneeded costs;
  • Abusive Pre-Payment Penalties: Effective to get more then three (3) years and costing more the six (6) months' interest;
  • Steering: putting borrowers into sub-prime mortgages with a high costs and interest if the debtor would otherwise be eligible for a old-fashioned loan;
  • Targeting: Marketing sub-prime loans to minorities irrespective of financial realities;
  • False Appraisals: enhancing the number of that loan considering a deliberately high appraisal of this home;
  • Cash Out Refinances: Pressuring vulnerable borrowers to increase the quantity of their loan by borrowing money that is additional satisfy a misperceived need;
  • Falsifying application for the loan: persuading borrowers to misstate their earnings; and
  • Dragging the human body: brokers homeowners that are physically taking a loan provider whom provides TILA disclosures on some type of computer, that the home owner is anticipated to instantly read, understand then to acquiesce.

There's absolutely no reason for action for Predatory Lending. Nevertheless, there are numerous which come under that lay heading, nearly all of that are hyper-technical codifications of overlapping law that is common and tort principles and treatments.


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