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Relationship period

Many reports examine relationship extent and often infer that length is just a proxy for closeness when you look at the relationship. Generally speaking, as intimate relationships escalation in duration, condom usage decreases (Civic 1999; Crosby et al. 2000; Ku et al. 1994; Manning et al. 2009). Furthermore, this pattern tends to duplicate it self in subsequent relationships. Ku et al. ’s (1994) sawtooth theory defines this noticed pattern for which teenage boys utilize condoms in the beginning in intimate relationships, then use diminishes with relationship length, which in turn increases once more at the beginning of a subsequent relationship. Other work has discovered a poor relationship exists between timeframe and regularly making use of contraception ( e.g., Aalsma et al. 2006; Brady et al. 2009; Fortenberry et al. 2002; Ku et al. 1994; Manlove et al. 2005). Likewise, Kusunoki and Upchurch (2010) report reduced quantities of condom usage than hormone practices with greater relationship timeframe.


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