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My Jewish Learning. 9 What To Realize About Ladino

A Sephardi Jew describes some commonly confused terms

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9 Items To Find Out About Ladino

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Most of the time, I have blank stares once I mention the term “Ladino.” My discussion partner quickly attempts to correct me personally, “You suggest Latino , right?”

Nope, I intended Ladino. With a D. after which, i will be all too happy to describe not merely the definition of but where in fact the confusion arises from.

The political and cultural discourse has been using the terms Hispanic, Latino, Ladino and Sephardic as though they were everyday words, sometimes without explanation, sometimes without proper explanation in recent weeks. And so I thought it may be useful to explain how an individual who utilizes these terms time to time in her own act as a Sephardic Jew , knows them. Since the more you realize whatever they suggest and just why the easier and simpler it really is to simply simply take the best component in the conversation.

Your message “Latino” is shorthand for the word that is spanish (or latino-americano in Portuguese) and relates to people that have origins from Latin America who live in the usa.


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